Small stools. Big idea.

A sneak peek of an upcoming project with KitchenSidecar. Details to follow soon.

Photos: Mussel Foraging in Pescadero

Snapshots from my excursion with Iso last week. Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether we’re working or playing. That I like.

A Night At The Underground Market

It’s Tuesday, and only now is my wrist getting better. Why? It’s because I tossed tons and tons of glass noodles at this past Saturday’s Night Market, a collaboration between forageSF and Public Works. For the most part, it was the same deal: a day and night market, focused around “take-homeables” and hot food, but … Continue reading

On Crabs of Christmas Past (and Killing Them)

A few days ago I killed my first crab. I needed to for cooking a new recipe I learned from my grandma for a few friends. Though it’s not like slaughtering a cow or anything, it was the biggest animal I’ve ever killed and I must admit I was a wimp about it (I had … Continue reading

Before I Forget: Favorite Meals From Europe

It’s only been three weeks since we got back form Europe and we’ve been busy getting back to our San Francisco selves: late night drinks and mashed potatoes at The Phoenix, settling into a new apartment, helping out at two Wild Kitchen dinners, and selling Vietnamese crepes at back-to-back Underground Markets in SF and the … Continue reading