A Night At The Underground Market

It’s Tuesday, and only now is my wrist getting better.

Why? It’s because I tossed tons and tons of glass noodles at this past Saturday’s Night Market, a collaboration between forageSF and Public Works. For the most part, it was the same deal: a day and night market, focused around “take-homeables” and hot food, but this was different because Public Works was an AMAZING space – beautiful design, great light, fun crowd and staff. They even hung up lanterns and paper decorations to resemble foreign night markets – the real deal.

My dish for the night was Vietnamese Glass Noodles with Fresh Dungeness Crab, along with Vietnamese Jelly for dessert. During the day, my mom, cousin Bambi, and stepdad came out to hang/help out.  It was wonderful being the company of my family, having them participate in the hustle and bustle of the market. We sautéed fresh picked crab with onions and black trumpet mushrooms, and tossed them in glass noodles cooked in homemade chicken broth and a secret sauce. (Actually it’s not that secret, there’s just a lot of ingredients!)

me, bambi, momma

People seemed to love it — I sold out an hour before the day market ended at 4pm. After that I thought, this might be crazy, but let’s try and make more for the night crowd! So in between the day and night market, with approximately two hours, Iso and I drove around to pick up some more crab, noodles, scallions and more ingredients to cook up another batch. We went over to La Victoria to soak noodles, cut scallions and shred crab. After a solid hour of frantic but impressively quick prep, we were back in the game. As we approached the club to drop off our stuff and set up, we saw hundreds of hungry folks lined up outside Public Works, which also wrapped around Mission Street. We were so stoked!

slowpoke_sf / flickr

Inside, people were hungry. Everyone was everywhere and I was cooking non-stop all night and didn’t even have a chance to look up at people, but I was lucky to have some rockstar help who took orders for both me and Iso’s ramen stand. Around 10pm, most of the vendors sold out for the evening (which was great, but what were the clubbers going to eat now?!) My cousin Amanda came by and we did a grocery run and brought back stuff to make fried egg sando’s with bacon, arugula and cheddar to satisfy any (and my own) drunk munchies.

Thanks to my wonderful friends + family and everyone that came out to to the market and Little Knock. See you in February!

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