Valentine’s Feast (x6)

We got a lot of love for food (and feeding people).

On Feb. 14, Wild Kitchen celebrated it’s second year of underground dinners — so Iso had to do it big: three nights, two seating each, two locations, for a total of six dinners (and over 3,000 pieces of handmade gnocchi).

I designed the dinner menus and enjoyed eating everything on it six times over — including the wild boar ragu. I think I have to call myself a flexitarian now.

In other news, my mom and stepdad finally drove up for the dinner at Public Works to celebrate V-day and my stepdad’s birthday. They enjoyed it the way I hoped they would – made friends at the communal table, raved about their food, and documented pictures for you all to enjoy.

Hope you all had a tasty V-day as well!

1. me and ma ; 2. the crowd ; 3 & 4. menus ; 5. marin miyagi oyster w/ foraged herring roe, champagne mignonette ; 6. wild boar ragu w/ handmade gnocchi ; 7. foraged meyer lemon and rose geranium macaron w/ blood orange sorbet, dusted wild fennel ; 8. so in love i’m (asian) glowing

One Response to “Valentine’s Feast (x6)”
  1. Jeannie says:

    Sounds like a beautiful and delicious evening. Can’t wait to come to one of the dinners. Love the menu design and the happy faces too!

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